Storefront signs: How to use them to draw in customers

Storefront signs are a great way to take advantage of the real estate your business already owns and to target people passing by the business, whether on foot, in a car or a city bus. The signs can be used to advertise sales events, new merchandise and other marketing strategiesto bring customers into the shop.

Window signs can be used for a simple message such as your business’ hours of operation.

Signage in windows and the storefront also can offer hours of operation, telephone numbers, web site addresses and the proprietor’s name.  They tell what your business is offering, especially banners and posters that are out in the open.  If a business has a specialty or a certain industry standard award, storefront signage is a way to show this off, as well to show membership in the local chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau.

Logos and graphics that are affiliated with a certain brand can used in entry-way banners, especially if it is a well-known brand that might have wide recognition. Metro Sign A Rama has an extensive gallery of window signs to review to help in your decision-making.

There are some considerations to think about when choosing the correct storefront signage. Usually, more isn’t better. If shoppers have to search among many competing signs, they may just pass on by.

Using your company’s logo on a window design is another way to build awareness of your brand.

Another consideration is the city ordinances about how much window can be used for signage in accordance with local ordinances. Your sign company can help you make sure you are following the rules.  Will your sign be permanent? Permanent signs contain information like the business name, type of services or products available, hours of operation, and so on.

Donna Geary, executive director of Ontario, Canada-based Impact Visual Merchandising, refers to the adage: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Colorful logos and window signs capture the attention of passersby and direct customers to your door.

She says that visual merchandising is comprised of six components: image, layout, presentation, signing, display and events. Everything you do within the store — how you develop your layout, your presentation, your signing, your displays and your events — must fit into the image you choose to create.

She advises creating a “visual hook,” something that will make people stop and feel compelled to visit your business. An exciting entrance presentation, an effectively signed promotional offering, a powerful interior display, in-store animation or events all serve as magnets to draw the customer in. Successful hooks ensure that the impressions they project are consistent with the store’s overall image.


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Construction signs – great way to get repeat business from contractors

Construction signage falls into three categories: safety signs, directional signs and branding signs.

All manner of rules and regulations govern constructions sites. Appropriate signs warning about onsite dangers are required by federal law. The safety of workers and site visitors depends on the warning signs that tell of high voltage areas, debris and heavy equipment in the area.

Your sign company can assist you in evaluating your construction sign needs,

Safety signs, directional signs and branding signs are all part of building and construction.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration specifications and local ordinances – which vary widely in Arizona among municipalities and counties. In  Maricopa County there are dozens of cities all with different requirements. An informed sign company can assist you through the process. Here are links to some of the cities where you can view the complexity of the requirements: Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale and Peoria .


Once the safety signs are in place, you can think about letting folks know who’s doing the work. Contractor yard signs and banners can be installed on a fence around a construction job site for branding purposes – this a great selling point for your sign business. Tell the contractors that you will use their company’s logo, slogan and other information so anyone passing the job site becomes aware of  their business. This translates into sales, too, for sign providers.

Another part of the branding process in construction is the use of monument signs and banners letting consumers know what the finished business will be. Coming soon banners are a great way to let people know what business will be opening and begin building buzz about the company.

Finally, how will clients, visitors and consumers know how to get around the new site, especially if it is an office building or apartment complex for example? By using directional signs and building directories.

Do a good job in all areas of signage for your local contractors and watch them return again and again for their safety, branding and directional sign needs.

John Clark and his family have owned Metro Sign A Rama in Phoenix for more than a decade. His background in graphics arts, his business experience and his branding know-how brings expertise to anyone seeking signage for their business. Follow his blog for tips on sign usage and branding. Visit to read more tips, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Design your business signs for success with these style tips

The style, the letters, the color, the size – there are so many choices in creating just the right image. All have impact on the effectiveness of your business sign. Your sign may be the first thing a customer learns about you, so it had better make a good impression.

Style. The styling of the sign should reflect the personality of your business – the image you want people to see. For a nightclub, flashing neon and bright colors tell customers what to expect when they go there. An attorney might choose a discreet, classic style to convey professionalism and integrity.

Lettering. Your sign needs to be visible and easily read. Though exotic-styled letters may be your personal favorite, deciphering your company name may leave clients scratching their heads. If you are set on a fancy style, maybe do just the first letter and the rest in a more traditional letter.

The color of your sign can convey a mood or expectation for customers.

Colors. Different color combinations are another element in creating the right sign. Colors can convey certain feelings or expectations.  For example:

Yellow – denotes happy. Think of those golden arches and Happy Meal.

Blue – trustworthy, reliable. Blue Chip stocks come to mind.

Green – healthy, environmentally friendly.

Purple – royal, mysterious, plush.

Black/white – traditional, professional, formal.

Size. When choosing your sign’s dimensions, think about the location of where it will be placed. Inside an office building or on a door requires a different visibility than if you are trying to attract customers to pull off the freeway to your business. Use signs that are only as large as necessary because you don’t want to overpower customers, nor do you want to use too small a sign that might imply your business is insignificant.

Developing the right sign is how to insure branding integrity for your business and get the best possible exposure for the price.;

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Some helpful business tips:

Some helpful business tips:

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How to use interior store signs to lure customers and provide brand awareness

Keeping clients engaged once they enter your business is another component of improving branding for new customers and bringing back your loyal customers. Interior signs improve convenience for customers by leading them through your business and ensuring they see all the products and services you have to offer.

Interior signs can be any design or style – as long as they are useful to your customers.

For office buildings, warehouses and retail outlets, interior signs are vital for both employees and visitors, telling them where to find exits, offices, conference rooms, elevators, stairwells and accessibility for those with disabilities.

Welcome customers with a sign, show them where to get assistance with prominent signage and clearly mark with signs where to find the items they are there to buy. Use eye-catching, prominent signs to alert customers to specials that you are offering.

Restaurants rely heavily on signs to inform customers about their specialty dishes while retail outlets use signs to show customers which rack of clothing is half-off for that day. Interior signs alert customers to coming attractions, such as new DVD releases, weekend and holiday sales, or a closeout on certain merchandise.  Use creative and clearly worded interior signs in your windows to catch the attention of passersby and bring them.

And don’t forget to give customers clear signage on where to pay for their purchases.

Visit to learn more great tips on how to use signs for your business needs.

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Get your business noticed at trade shows

Will your business stand out in the crowd at a trade show?

Want to make an impression and stand out when taking part in trade shows or other events? If you are a small business owner, then of course you do. There are many ways to  get your business booth booming, and most of it can be fairly inexpensive. Creating a banner, custom marketing items, T-shirts, canopies and more will ensure that your booth brings in leads and clients.

The key to success at any event featuring dozens of businesses is to be sure your booth has at least one big draw. If you are a family-oriented business, then balloons for the kiddies will be a great lure – of course your balloons will have your company name on them to remind everyone which booth to visit.

Use plenty of these visual marketing tools – brochures, flyers and even what you wear – to shine attention on your company and tell your company’s story. Also, phone numbers, addresses – both mailing and email – social media accounts, Web site addresses and street locations should be prominently featured on all posters, banners, displays and handouts.

Two particularly important components for a successful booth are POPs – three-dimensional displays ranging from full-standing cutouts to table-top displays, and banners that show off your company’s name, logo and slogan. POPs are very eye-catching and if they are the kind that clients can pose next to, that makes them even more appealing. And you will of course have your business name and information right there to be seen when they are posting those photos to Facebook, or Tweeting them to their friends.

Three main trade show tips: Visibility, unique offering/activity and consistency in all your presentations.

Metro Sign A Rama is a family-owned, Phoenix-based sign company that can help you get your business noticed. Follow us on
and or visit

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Monument signs set the tone for your company

Monument signs set the tone for your company.

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Consistency in signs, branding builds franchise power

One of the keys to great branding is consistency. Logos should carry the same style and colors through all their uses – business cards, signage, stationary and other promotional items.

One way to make this happen is doing one-stop shopping at your sign vendor. Sign shop employees can walk franchise owners through the process of insuring their signs follow franchise standards, and make sure that all other aspects of franchise marketing are consistent.

For business people who own more than one franchise outlet, shopping and purchasing from a single sign vendor means the colors and styles and design will be consistent across all your outlets. And, the more quantity you buy, the lower cost you will have to pay. There is no downside to using the same vendor.

If you are a new company owner and you hope to develop into a business that can be franchised, then it is even more important that you work with a sign company in creating the right style of lettering and the right combination of colors to do justice to your company’s logo.

It may someday be as famous as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola or Starbucks.

Consistency builds franchise branding power.

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Creating brand integrity

Brand integrity is difficult to define. The term incorporates several facets of branding – awareness, loyalty, reputation and consistency, for example.

Brand awareness incorporates tangibles such as signage, logos, slogans, icons, trademarks, jingles and more. These are the physical attributes that tell us who your company is. Consistency and repetition of these through marketing, advertisements, signage, stationary, Web sites and business cards is what generates the less tangible quality of public awareness of your brand. It’s not physical, but it sure adds to the bottom line.

Integrity also speaks to the reputation of your business. When customers see your logo, whether it is on a sign or on a Web page, they know what to expect. More important, though, a reputation for customer service, timely services, and quality products is what brings in new clients. Brand integrity means that even non-customers trust your brand and will likely come to you when they need a product or service that you offer.

The right design for the physical attributes of your company has a long-range impact on the intangibles so it is important to work closely with your sign vendor and marketing team to develop the most effective choice for your business.


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